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The method and practice of teaching Physical Education using empirical research and theoretical concepts.

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We have a range of teaching resources to help support your delivery of high-quality Physical Education lessons.


At the PE Project our aim is to provide friendly and accessible PE pedagogy and resources which will have an immediate impact on your lessons and students. Whatever your goal, we hope that you'll find lots of valuable information based on solid learning theories and empirical research that are helpful in your journey towards excellence!

Lesson Objectives

Defining clear learning objectives at the start of each lesson helps set pupils up for success.


Assessment is essential and integral to effective teaching and learning in PE as it provides information on students’ strengths, weaknesses, and educational requirements, which informs future planning and teaching


Lessons need to be accessible for all students and their diverse needs. Learn how to effectively differentiate your PE lessons.


Learn how to improve students motivation in PE lessons with these empirically researched strategies.

Teaching Models

Being able to deliver Physical Education lessons in a variety of ways is an essential skill as a PE teacher.


Asking effective questions is a skill that can be developed throughout your teaching career. If this is a skill that you wish to develop, check out our article.

Maximizing Student Engagement

Learn how to increase student time-on-task and improve lesson efficiency.

Teaching Styles

There are 11 different teaching styles that a PE teacher can use to help improve student learning, engagement, and independence.


Planning a PE curriculum for the new academic year? Check out our article to help you make a plan.

Behavior Management

Learn how to manage student misbehavior more confidently and effectively.

Character Development

As Phys. Ed. teachers we have a great opportunity to promote, teach, and provide opportunities for students to become better people.

Applying for PE Jobs

Learn how to make your application for a PE teacher position stand out from the crowd.

Interview Advice

Need help preparing for your PE teacher interview? Check out this article to help prepare you for interview success.

Learning Theories

Discover how some of the most prominent theories of learning relate to teaching Physical Education.